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Following on from the GCSE (or equivalent Level 2 qualification), the A-Level Computing offers a great depth of knowledge and understand for students to sink their teeth into. Whereas the GCSE introduced many topics and provided a fundamental base, the A-Level bImage of a modern processor, which are featured through A-Level Computing qualifications.uilds upon that and adds a much higher level of complexity. For example, the GCSE in Computing may introduce students to the concept of binary numbers, the A-Level utilises that base and could develops into complex mathematical ideas such as binary algebra.

The following resources have been categorised by exam board and contain course companions, revision guides and workbooks. Every effort has been made to ensure that the resources are for the most up to date specification, but you should ensure this is the case before purchasing. Alternatively, you can search Amazon for A Level Computing to find older versions of texts.

OCR A-Level Computing

AQA A-Level Computing

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