Welcome to the Arduino Resources Page.

Combining computing with electronics, the Arduino is a brilliant choice for budding inventors and keen automation enthusiasts. You’re in the right place to find Arduino Resources!

The Arduino is a micro controller that can be programmed to perform thousands of different functions provided the correct equipment is available. The sheer amount of hardware options can be daunting for a beginner, with many different types of Arduino available. This is why we have first provided some Arduino resource suggestions that are broken down into different topics such as books, hardware, and accessories. As a suggestion we would recommend purchasing an Arduino Uno alongside one of the many project books available. Using the book you can then select a project to work on and purchase the required additional hardware. This site has curated some of the best Arduino resources, but it may also be worth taking a minute to see what are the best sellers on Amazon for Arduino.

Arduino Books – Due to the popularity of the Arduino there is a wide range of texts available (over two and a half thousand at time of writing!). Fortunately we have selected the most helpful to aid in your search for the right resource.

Arduino Accessories – The Arduino is a very capable piece of equipment. However to release its fullest potential you will need to purchase and install a variety of accessories.

Arduino Hardware – It can be difficult to choose the right version of Arduino if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. We recommend starting off with the Arduino Uno. This can be found in this section alongside many of the other configurations.

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