Welcome to the Arduino Resources Page.

To release the full potential (or any potential!) of the Arduino, you’re  going to need some accessories…

We have broken the Arduino accessories section down into three distinct area; shields, electronics accessories and peripherals. Although we have taken great effort to display the best product on this page, you may not find what you are looking for and may prefer to visit Amazon to see what they have on offer in the Arduino section.

Shields – A shield is an attachable circuit board Arduino accessory that extends its functionality and opens up new possibilities, for example by adding WiFi capabilities or recording sound. Often, you can stack shields on top of on another to create multi-purpose devices.

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Electronics Accessories – As well as being an excellent computing device, the Arduino is at its heart an electronics product. To realise all of its potential the correct electronics components are required.

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Peripherals – External components for the Arduino can open up a world of possibilities. Fortunately, there are literally thousands to choose from including displays, audio outputs, sensors and buzzers just to name a few.

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