Best Ever Computing Humble Bundles? Expires Soon!


Best Ever Computing Humble Bundles? Expires Soon!

Could this be the greatest single occassion in history for Humble Bundles (if you are of a computing mindset!)?

Including the Humble Monthly offer, there are currently six bundles available, and two of the bundles alone include a staggering 40 books with an retail value of $1930 (you get them for only $30, or less if you don’t want all of the books).

First on the list is the Learn You Some Code Bundle which contains 15 books including the incredible “Think Like A Programmer” and “Python Crash Course”. Click to open the bundle in a new tab.

Next is the Game Development bundle by Packt. This bundle contains a huge 25 books which cover a variety of different game development environments such as Blender, Unity and the Unreal Engine. Click to open the bundle in a new tab.

Although not directly computing related, the other bundles may be of equal interest, but for more of an entertainment value. Firstly the Humble Monthly bundle contains one of the greatest games of this generation, Overwatch, is is only $12, this is the cheapest i’ve ever seen it and in just over a week the full bundle will unlock and provide you with around half a dozen other games, all for the $12 price tag! Click to open the Overwatch Humble Monthly in a new tab.

As well as possible the greatest Humble Monthly deal, there are two more bundles which may be of interest, the Doctor Who Comics Bundle and the One Special Day bundle where you can acquire Streets Of Rage, Crazy Taxi and 2 other games for only $1!.

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