Free Computing Literacy Comprehension Activity Worksheets


The topic of surveillance, security and privacy is one of the most important in the twenty first century, so to address this CSR have created a couple of basic resources that open up a discussion on the subject.

Both resources are articles have been taken from the BBC, and the comprehension questions have been added to the bottom to test students understanding of the text.

The articles include the original images but are otherwise un-formatted, meaning that you can add your own institutions logo and colour scheme to them.

The first article centres on the use of automatic face scanners to detect “threats” at the Trafford Centre, which is a shopping centre in Manchester, UK.

The second article is of a very similar topic but instead the technology is used at a Taylor Swift concert. Both articles identify interesting technologies, but it is possible the issue of notification of surveillance and accuracy which will incite the best discussions.

Please feel free to take, edit and share these resources, and any suggestion for improvement are very welcome in the comments section.

Also, for more information on supporting literacy in your computing lessons take a look at the article about Encouraging Reading With Computing Fiction Books and the article of Numeracy and Literacy in Computing Tasks.

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