Humble Bundle Currently Has Some Great Computing Resources – And It Helps Charity!


Since 2010, Humble Bundle has donated over $143 million of its sales proceeds to charity, making it one of the most ethical places to purchase your computing and gaming items.

Currently, the Humble Store contains a wealth of excellent deals that are highlighted below…

The Humble Monthly is $12 (approximately £10) and contains an instant unlock of two or three games, followed by a mystery unlock of another 6 or 7 games. The quality of games for such a low price is excellent, for example if you would have been a subscriber for the past year then you would have paid $12 a month and would have unlocked games such as Overwatch, The Complete First Season of Hitman, Metal Gear Solid V, Just Cause 3 XXL Edition, Civilisation 6, Destiny 2 and Dark Souls 3!

Click here to find out what this months early unlock games are!

Monthly games for $12.

The Zenva Academy “Intro To Code” Bundle is the perfect way to brush up on or learn new programming skills. It contains 25 full courses on topics such as game development, web development, computer vision, machine learning and AI, data science and more. As well as this the languages included include Python, SQL, Angular, Javascript and HTML / CSS. The bundle three different payment tiers, with the most expensive being $25 for access to all of the courses, however the cheapest starts at just one dollar, which still gives you access to five full courses!

Click here to be see the contents of all 25 computing courses…

25 Coding courses worth $1348!

O’Reilly have an excellent bundle of programming cookbooks, however this sale ends in a matter of hours! Click here to be taken directly to the bundle, or click here to find out what we wrote about the bundle!

15 programming books in total.

Finally with regards to computing resources, CRC Press are currently hosting a bundle entitled “Break Into The Game Industry”. This excellent bundle features 18 books with an RRP of $880 for just $15! Titles include The UX Careers Handbook, Women in Game Development: Breaking the Glass Level-Cap and Vintage Games 2.0: An Insider Look at the Most Influential Games of All Time. As with other bundles, there are various tiers of payments available, with the lowest starting at just $1.

18 video game industry books for $15!

Although that sums up the fantastic computer science resources, there are also a wealth of other resources to be found on the site. At the moment (but not for long!) there is a PS4 games bundle, a games publisher bundle and two comic bundles. As well as this there is also a “Humble Store” where you can find heavily discounted games and software, such as Far Cry 5 for £12.49!

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