Humble Bundle is currently featuring Computing Books!


For a short time only, Humble Bundle has partnered with publishers No Starch and Apress to bring two brilliant computing book bundles at a ridiculously low price – and it also helps charity!

The first bundle, titled “Brainiac 2” contains 16 published books including topics such as Scratch, Minecraft and Arduino. The combined bundle has a value of $291 but you can purchase it for only £11.65. The bundle expires on 22/08/2017 so don’t delay!


The second bundle features the hugely popular Lego (including Mindstorm and Technic) and other forms of robotics. This bundle also includes books such as Beginning C for Arduino and Learn Electronics With Rasperry Pi.

This bundle would be idea for any hobbyists or teachers planning on setting up an after school club, such as a Mindstorm club to get students into computing and robotics.

The combine value of these 16 technical books is a whopping $569, but humble bundle is offering them for only £11.65, with a large portion of the proceeds going to charity.

Lego Robotics

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