Keystage 3 Resources


Welcome to the Key Stage 3 Computer Science Resources Page.

Depending on what provision is available at primary school and personal interests, a pupils could begin Key Stage 3 with vastly different capabilities of computational thinking.

For convenience and due to the sheer quantity of resources available, different pages are available for different types of Key Stage 3 Computer Science resource. Please select a page to view the resources for that section:

Classroom Displays – In today’s classroom. a great emphasis is placed on the quality of the displays within the classroom. Apart from good examples of student work (which we can’t help you with!) you should try to maximise the space by filling it with informative displays that can embed key terminology and theories relating to the subject of Computing.

Kinaesthetic Computing for KS3 – Many pupils enjoy learning with their hands, and although computing can be a very academical and theory based subject, there are plenty of opportunities to let pupils learn by physically building and interacting with computing components.

KS3 Programming – “I’m just not good at programming” is a phrase that should be eliminated as early as possible. The resources contained on this page are specifically designed to lessen the often steep learning curve of Key Stage 3 programming.

Raspberry Pi for KS3 – When used correctly, the Raspberry Pi can transform a classroom and enthuse pupils. As a popular educational tool, the are plenty of Raspberry Pi resources available for pupils and their teachers.

KS3 Computing Study Guides and Workbooks – A physical workbook (or text book, or study guide) can be an invaluable tool for your learners. They be be used for homework purposes, extension tasks or simply to embed key themes learnt throughout a lesson.

KS3 Computer Science Teacher Resources – The resources on this page are simply designed to save you time and energy. If they also increase the effectiveness of your teaching then that’s a bonus!


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