Teachers Guide To Amazon Prime Day 2017!


Amazon Prime Day is here!

Make the most of it with this short and handy guide…

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is similar to Black Friday, in that absolutely tonnes of incredible offers are available on pretty much every type of item you can think of. To access the deals you need to be an Amazon Prime member which costs £7.99 per month or you can get a 30-day free trial by clicking this link, which means you can access all of the great offers without paying a penny! Although many people are already Prime Members, it’s also worth noting to those that are not members that the many benefits of Prime membership include free prime delivery on bought items, access to Amazon Video (similar to Netflix) and access to Amazon Prime Music, similar to Spotify but with less choice, although this can be bumped up to Amazon Music Unlimited, which actually has more songs than Spotify.

What are the great offers?

Because Amazon is a marketplace that sells just about everything, just about anything you can think of will have an offer. I recently advised a work colleague not to buy an external HDD and instead to wait for Amazon Prime Day, as although you can’t say for sure which will be on sale, you can bet that some will be on sale!

What we can safely predict is that Amazon’s own range of electronic gadgetry will be on offer and heavily discounted. These include…

  • The Kindle range of E-Book readers.
  • The hugely impressive Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot for home automation.
  • The Amazon Firestick and Fire TV.
  • The Amazon Fire Table range.

Take advantage of the other free trials.

Amazon Prime members can also benefit from a range of other paid services, all of which come with free, no obligation trials.

Top of the list by far is Amazon Music Unlimited, which is a similar music service to the popular Spotify. By using this link you can sign up for a free 30-day trial, which means that you can stream and download a catalogue of 40 million songs. After your free trial, if you decide not to continue the paid £7.99/month fee (cheaper than Spotify) then you can still continue to listen to 3 million curated songs for free (much cheaper than Spotify!) as part of your Prime membership. Don’t forget to check out our guide to Music In A Computing Lesson, which will come in very handy with your Amazon Music Unlimited trial.

Finally, as well as all of the above benefits, you can also choose to access Amazon Channels, which is a range of on demand video services that you can sign up for individually rather than paying a larger fee for content that you might not watch. So for example if you wanted to watch classic movies then you could sign up to the MGM channel for £3.99/month, with would be cheaper than a stand alone streaming service of traditional digital tv package. Even better, all channels have free trial period which you can access by clicking on this link.

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